Cutting and dosing aid for sealants


  • No predictable sealant consumption?
  • Cartridge nozzle cut off too long?
  • Bloody fingers when cutting off the nozzle?
  • Unfavourable gate angle?
  • No cutting, therefore no exact cutting course?
  • Cartridge nozzle too short and no replacement nozzle at hand?

We have the solution for you!

Faster, safer, more convenient and cheaper!
The patented dosing and cutting aid from FugenMeister “Silicut”.

With the dosing and cutting aid in the tool case, you achieve optimum conditions for correct and aesthetic joints.

Insert the nozzle up to the stop, determine the desired size of radius or angle, apply a sharp Stanley knife (see picture) and cut off the nozzle at 45° following the slot.
Note: Desired joint e.g. radius 6 mm or angle 6 mm means a cut by 45° on the scale at the number 6.

Attention: If possible, do not trim used nozzles again to prevent sticking of the nozzle holder or cutting slots.

Important: We accept no liability for improper handling and incorrect use of the device.