Always determine the correct mitre angle – without headaches

  1. Function – Gripping and transfer of angles – Adjustable angle bevel. Angle metre for direct transfer of indeterminate angles to workpieces, e.g. fitting a wall tile under a sloping roof (angle unknown).
  2. Function – Measurement of inside and outside corners – Mitre angle measuring tool. An ingenious two-part tool for automatic determination of the mitre angle for inside and outside corners – without time-consuming measuring and calculations, because the angle to be set is displayed directly, but can also be transferred by marking.

Very few if any angles we encounter in everyday life measure 90 degrees to a hair and this is exactly where the advantages of the KonturenFix come into play.

With the KonturenFix in the toolbox, you achieve the perfect cut.

Faster, safer, more comfortable and cheaper !