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Fugenmeister develops and produces high-quality jointing tools for the professional smoothing of silicone joints.

The success of our young company lies in its claim to be an efficient, reliable and fair partner for our customers.
We recognized early on that comprehensive service and consulting services are at least as important as product quality and variety of products.
We attach great importance to an intensive dialogue with our business partners, because only those who really know the requirements of their customers can fulfill them as best as possible.

Based on this basic principle of our work, we are constantly striving to develop and provide optimal and innovative solutions for the above-mentioned trades.
We believe that delivering more performance, service and quality not only creates happier customers, but also the key to their success, and that’s what we work for.


long life

FugenMeister – Smoothing tools have been meeting the growing demands of industry and trade for years and are being further developed.

Edge stability, abrasion resistance and high flexibility are achieved by a specially developed plastic with subsequent tempering.

Suitable for right- and left-handed users.

The circumferential 45° bevel means that limited joint sections can be grouted wi