Since the founding of our family business in 2004, our top priority has been to offer our customers practical products and system solutions that make their daily work easier.


German entrepreneur Peter Herbst develops special tool for silicone joints. He is a tinkerer and bubbles over with ideas. The special tools he has developed are appreciated by professionals and craftsmen.
CHRISTIAN HERBSTAssistant to the management
Order acceptance, customer service, IT
BEATE HERBSTProduction Manager
Accounting, work preparation, production
Martina Alva
Martina AlvaWarehouse management, shipping
MogliLoyal friend

The development of the FUGENMEISTER brand is an example of the power of vision and the success of a corporate philosophy that is consistently geared to the needs of users.

Since the founding of our family business in 2004, our top priority has been to offer our customers practice-oriented products and system solutions that make daily work easier.

This claim has led to real milestones in technology and has made the brand name FUGENMEISTER a top position in Germany and a synonym for innovation, competence and good partnership.

We recognized early on that comprehensive service and advice are at least as important as product quality and product range diversity. Not least for this reason, we attach great importance to intensive dialog with our business partners, because only those who really know their customers’ requirements can meet them in the best possible way.

Based on these basic principles of our work, we are constantly striving to develop and provide optimal and innovative solutions for the sealant processing trades.We are convinced that an increase in performance, service and quality not only creates more satisfied customers, but is also the decisive basis for their success.

And that is what we are working for.

Peter Herbst

Founder and owner of the company H&H Technologies

Corporate mission and strategic orientation



1. our guideline

2. new ideas, new demands, new solutions

3. efficient and powerful

4. customer satisfaction

5. qualified consulting and reliability create trust

6. environmental management

7. quality policy

8. quality orientation at the highest level

9. knowledge is power

10. an explicit commitment to the specialized trade


1. our guideline

First priority is given to the quality and usefulness of the products and services we supply. Comprehensive service, speed, flexibility and reliability are the basis of a trusting cooperation with our customers at home and abroad. Well-founded technical advice and jointly developed solutions to problems secure and strengthen the partnership relations.

We permanently observe the relevant markets in order to recognize new developments at an early stage and to respond to the wishes and needs of our customers. In order to secure our innovation and competitiveness and thus our business success for the future, we, as a small company, practice sustainable cost discipline in all matters.

2. New ideas, new demands, new solutions

The key to successful customer relations is recognizing and understanding the requirements and expectations of the market. In addition to perfect product quality, customers demand beneficial service, development initiative in partnership, technical support and comprehensive supply chain management. H&H Technologies has recognized these demands and is ready to meet them.

3. efficient and powerful

When the company was founded in January 2004, the bar for entrepreneurial development was already set high.

Comprehensive service, expert advice, high-quality products and customer proximity are still the focus of our daily work today.

Certainly, it has always been crucial for us to bring products to market that are also competitive. But a decisive change has taken place in the markets. Today, we are dealing with saturated markets in all areas. This means that demand for goods and services is meeting with oversupply. The situation leads to all suppliers penetrating the markets of their neighbors. At the push of a button, consumers can obtain offers from all corners of the world. That is why our focus remains on offering our customers not only innovative and high quality, but also on refocusing the company on ” serving the customer”. With us, the customer is integrated into the company’s activities. His wishes determine the strategy of the company. We want to be a reliable and predictable partner for our customers and suppliers.

4. customer satisfaction

Perfect service and high customer satisfaction are our top priorities. From product and material development through prototyping to the final product and its processing, we stand by our customers.

Consistent further development of our production processes and processing methods in accordance with the latest state of the art, coupled with outstanding quality thinking and a competent staff make it possible for us to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

5. qualified consulting and reliability create trust

The satisfaction of our customers and the benefits we can offer our business partners as a contribution to their success have always been in the foreground.
Qualified advice, quick availability and immediate processing of inquiries and orders, these are the plus points of our customer service in the office.
With regular on-site support by our field service, we maintain constant contact with our customers, deepen the cooperation and thus prove our efficiency on a daily basis.
Committed and motivated action is the basis for long-term success.
Motivation and team spirit are important elements of our company structure. Flat structures and fast decision-making processes require each employee to act on his or her own responsibility. The team-oriented approach in our customer service and the on-site support by our field service have created the prerequisites for maximum customer orientation.

6. environmental management

We strive to constantly keep in mind and improve our responsibility towards the environment and people.

To this end, all necessary measures were taken at an early stage to reduce the volume of waste to a minimum, to avoid accident-related emissions of substances or energy and to promote the sense of responsibility of our employees through further training measures.

We aim to achieve holistic environmental protection.

This means that environmental protection does not lead an isolated life of its own, but is and will continue to be an integral part of all activities and ways of thinking at H&H Technologies.

The continuous improvement of the environmental performance is the main goal of our environmental policy, which promotes a careful treatment of our environment with the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

7. quality policy

  • Production and distribution of own products
  • Merchandise
  • Production and distribution of licensed products

For H&H Technologien, quality means customer-oriented thinking and acting. Aligned to this core objective, H&H Technologien strives for constant improvement and effectiveness of the processes in the company.

Our most important asset is each employee, who is responsible for the quality of his or her work with a high level of quality awareness and personal responsibility, thus making an important contribution to the success of H&H Technologien. Preventing errors instead of discovering errors is a self-evident sub-goal.

We owe our respected position in the market not only to the value for money of our products, but also to high quality standards, punctual delivery and, above all, the implementation of innovative customer-oriented ways of thinking.

Clear and transparent processes for employees and customers are lived at H&H Technologies through further development.

With the goal of the satisfied customer in mind, H&H Technologien is convinced that its quality policy, which goes far beyond error prevention, not only contributes to customer satisfaction, but also secures our competitiveness and thus our jobs.

Through further training in all areas, our employees are continuously kept up to date. In this way, we create the prerequisite for optimal customer service. This goal-oriented way of working, motivated and professionally well-founded actions result in a trusting cooperation with our customers and business partners, which brings long-term success for both sides.

Everyone has to take responsibility, whether in society, in the family or in the company. Responsibility also means to fully meet the demands that the customer places on us.

8. quality orientation at the highest level

In the selection of our products and tools in the field of merchandise, we attach great importance to a high quality standard. Therefore, we represent the leading brands and cooperate with well-known manufacturers.

Only products with proven quality and excellent function give you and us the security we can rely on.

9. knowledge is power – compact and competent

New technologies create new paths. Upheavals are coming faster and more radically. If you want to keep pace with the demands of the times, knowledge and experience are indispensable tools for success in the future. For this reason, our employees are familiarized with new developments in the areas of administration and technology in external seminars.

10. an explicit commitment to the specialized trade

For us, there is only one distribution channel: the specialist trade. In the specialized trade, the professional craftsman, but also the ambitious private customer, receives the advisory service that our technologically high-quality products demand. This is a clear sales strategy that ensures the specialized trade a trusting cooperation with an innovative brand.

Without ifs and buts.