The FUGENSCHNEIDER is a newly developed and TÜV approved two-blade tool for the thorough removal of flexible sealant compounds such as silicone, acrylic or sealant adhesive from connection, movement and expansion joints.

It is used to remove these sealing joints from an angle of approx. 90°. The FUGENSCHNEIDER is used on hard surfaces such as ceramics, marble, granite and tiles, i.e. materials which prevent the penetration of the blade cutting edges.

The FUGENSCHNEIDER cannot be used for other materials such as plastics of all kinds (e.g. windows and doors), in particular acrylic shower trays, acrylic bathtubs or wooden products.

The softer the material, the more the blades penetrate the material through the existing geometry of the FUGENSCHNEIDER and a forward movement is therefore no longer possible. If the cutting process is continued anyway, damage to the materials will result.

The FUGENSCHNEIDER with its two, at approx. 90° joined blades, makes it possible to remove silicone joints optimally and thoroughly. The blades are completely laid against the solid side material (e.g. tiles). Now the sealant joint is cut out with a forward movement.

The joint cutter must be held at an angle of approx. 45°. Fast or uncontrolled movements (danger of slipping) when cutting out the sealant must be avoided for safety reasons. The blades are symmetrically clamped in the tool and can be reused by turning them around their own axis.